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Among the leading causes of nasal congestion, allergic rhinitis, infective rhinitis and post-operative nasal congestion head the list. If untreated, it leads to deterioration of quality of life and can interfere with hearing and speech development. It causes loss of work days and productivity. Chronic nasal congestion can lead to sinusitis with its accompanying morbidity and complications.

Nasoheal® is an isotonic nasal solution with dexpanthenol, dosed at 5% indicated for adults and children from 2 years onwards.

Nasoheal® can be used for the relief of symptoms associated to nasal congestion (due to flu, cold or other health conditions) and nasal dryness and irritation due to adverse environmental conditions such as: smoke, dust, air pollution, air conditioned, overheated environment, etc.

Nasoheal® can also be used for the relief of symptoms in the following situations, under physician counseling and supervision: diagnosed seasonal or perennial allergic rhinitis; sinusitis; nasal mucosa irritation, due to the use of local medicines; after surgery.

Nasoheal® is available in packs of 20ml (140 doses).

Nasoheal® is a European Medical Device class III. Produced in the E.U. under ISO 13485.

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