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One of the challenges faced by most parents, grandparents, caretakers or anyone that looks after children is to give them medicines, especially the bad tasting ones… which unfortunately is the majority. An online search with the keywords “give medicines to infants”, generates 10.800.000 results including several videos and tutorials, which means for some people, this is a real problem (Google Chrome, April 2019).

The truth is, when it’s time to take that antibiotic, antipyretic, vitamins or many other pharma or healthcare product, kids hide, run, struggle or even fight back physically. As a result, many grown men and women face themselves resorting to force, threats and bribery or simply begging to ensure kids take their prescriptions.

But in reality, kids are right: most medicines taste (very) bad. That’s one of the reasons why the healthcare industry has been trying to hide those awfully chemical flavors with different types of masking techniques (film coating; encapsulation; addition of flavors and aromas; etc.).

Flavorin® is a gel in spray that masks the unpleasant taste, texture and odor of medicines. Developed to facilitate the administration of syrups and drops (or tablets and capsules), Flavorin® transforms the sacrifice of the medication into a pleasant time for the children… with fewer headaches for the adults….

Flavorin® was especially conceived thinking of the children and the difficulty in administrating medicines with unpleasant flavor or odor.

Flavorin® in fact stimulates and facilitates the adherence of the children to the therapy.

Flavorin® can be used since the age of 4 years (inclusive) and its composition is free from sugar or common allergenic agents such as parabens, gluten and artificial coloring.

Available in 2 flavors (strawberry and bubble gum), Flavorin® is notified in E.U. as a food suplement manufactured in the European Union in an ISO 9001; ISO 14001; ISO 22000 (pending certification) and HACCP certified production facility.

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